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Controlling fuel costs is a continuous challenge and a moving target for Truck and Locomotive owners. According to the Energy Information Administration diesel fuel price is expected to climb to $3.00 per gallon in 2010 and according to its long term energy out look diesel is projected to continue its climb right on through to 2030.

Based on figures published by the US Department of Energy , the average Class 8 truck will idle 1860 hours per year wasting 9300 gallons of fuel over the 5 years truck life cycle.

The Department of Energy also states that the average freight locomotive will Idle 3000 hrs per year and with an average consumption of 4 gallons per hour , a locomotive wastes 60000 gallons over the same 5 year period.

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Auxiliary Power Units Rail

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Auxiliary Power Units Truck

IMPCO believes there is no lab like the field.

IMPCO Engineering staff has logged tens of thousands of hours with our products in IMPCO labs as well as labs around the county. IMPCO products are tested against vibration, salt spray, chemical baths, Electro Magnetic Interference, combined environmental and fuel consumption.

We have taken no short cuts. We have worked with the most reputable laboratories in the business to verify our products . There isn’t much point in measuring cost savings unless you can count on the reliability.


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